Increase Instagram Video Views By 1 Million [Proven Strategies]

Increase Instagram Video Views By 1 Million

Increase Instagram Video Views By 1 Million [Proven Strategies]


Earning a million plays on Instagram videos Simple procedures must be followed; no special knowledge is required. Before we begin, we’d love to document our preparations with Instagram highlights.

Nowadays, every firm is building a reel to promote its brand and increase audience engagement. We, too, are participants in this race, having produced our first reels in May of 2022. At first, all we did was imitate what we saw around us. For instance, we would swipe through our phones until we found one to make a reel, then download the audio.

After two months of boredom, we analyzed our reels and found that we had only gotten 3,000 views and between 52 and 100 likes. All of our coworkers and teammates were giving us positive feedback in the form of likes and views.  

So, after all that thinking, we know we need to do something completely different. Then we started learning by doing. Using this method, we identified four characteristics of viral reels, but before I provide any advice, I’d like to provide evidence. 

In just 10 days, 5 million people viewed our first reel, and it received 2.5 million likes and 1,500 comments.  

How to Get a Million Views on Your Instagram Reels: 4 Tried and True Methods 

There is a relationship between these four points. One wrong move might ruin the whole thing, so pay close attention while reading.

Put Your Energy Into Making New Content

When it comes to Instagram reels views, one common blunder that content creators make is repeating the mistakes of others without question. It’s important to remember that if a viewer has already seen similar content generated by another creative, there is no reason for them to watch our reels. To stand out and increase reels views, we need to think outside the box and create compelling content that sets us apart from the rest. This means taking risks, being innovative, and showcasing our unique voice and style. By doing so, we can capture the attention of our target audience and earn more Instagram reels views.

Original content is favored not only by audiences but also by Instagram’s search and discovery features. Instead of trying to mimic someone else, put more effort into becoming unique. 

Unidentified Instagram Sound Effects

Do any of your reels still have the original audio tag? Take a look at the image below as an illustration. You may be wondering why I included this in the guidelines section. Instagram and other reel algorithms seem to have a mystery since any reel with this original audio tag receives more Instagram reels views than any other reel generated on the same audio. 

My main point is that, unless it’s a song, you should give your audio a distinct name before uploading it to your reels. Your Instagram account’s engagement rate will improve after making just one tweak.

Viral Effects of Comments and Sharing

If the content is interesting and unique, Instagram reels get a lot of attention and shares. These aren’t only people’s reactions but also expressions of their sentiments and emotions. 

Let’s say you’re forced to choose between two ice cream parlors on the same street. Yet, there is a distinction: the first store is bustling, whereas the second store is deserted.

If you were in search of ice cream, where would you go? Because the first store is busier, 97 percent of customers will opt to make their purchase there. Similarly, it’s only a good sign if your Instagram reels have huge views. So, when you’ve published, send your reel to your friends, followers, and coworkers through direct messages and encourage them to like and comment on it. 

Reel Release Time 

When should you upload reels on Instagram? There is a wealth of writing and knowledge on this subject. Bloggers are split on whether the morning or the evening is best. 

The ideal time to upload clips to Instagram is a well-guarded secret, but one thing is certain: timing is everything. You need to use some creative thinking to figure out when it is ideal for releasing reels. You can determine the optimal posting time on Instagram in two ways:

  • Analytics for Instagram – Keep an eye on Instagram analytics by first seeing hourly data from your account.
  • AB Testing – Try an AB test if nothing else is working. Put up clips at various times of the day, such as 3 o’clock, 5 o’clock, etc.


These four pillars can help you become an Instagram powerhouse and get a million followers. In addition to these suggestions, think about your inner approach, be creative, and generate material that others can relate to. Avoid constantly promoting sales and discounts on social media.