How to Get Mending in Minecraft

How to Get Mending in Minecraft

How to Get Mending in Minecraft

What is Mending?

Mending is a special enchantment in Minecraft that allows players to repair their items using experience orbs. This means that instead of having to craft new tools or weapons when they become damaged, players can simply use their experience points to mend them. To obtain the Mending enchantment, players need to combine two items: a book and either a fishing rod, bow or piece of armor.

The chances of getting the Mending enchantment are quite slim, so players should be prepared for multiple attempts before they succeed. The best way to increase your chances is by using an Enchantment Table with high levels and lapis lazuli as well as combining books on an Anvil until you get the desired result. Once you have acquired Mending, it’s important to use it wisely since repairing items will also consume your experience orbs.

Overall, Mending is an incredibly useful enchantment in Minecraft that can save players time and resources by allowing them to repair their favorite items rather than constantly crafting new ones. It may take some effort and patience to obtain it, but the benefits are definitely worth it in the long run.

Obtaining Mending

In Minecraft, Mending is one of the most valuable enchantments that players can obtain for their weapons, tools, and armor. This enchantment allows players to repair their items with experience orbs from mining or killing mobs instead of using costly materials such as diamonds or iron ingots. The easiest way to get Mending is by trading with villagers.

Villagers are non-player characters in the game that offer various services such as trading items like food, equipment, and enchanted books. To obtain Mending from a villager, players must first find a Librarian Villager because they are the only ones who trade enchanted books. Players can either create a new world until they spawn near a village or use an existing seed to locate one.

Once the player has found a village and located a Librarian Villager, they need to level them up by trading items such as paper or books until they reach Expert level. At this point, players will have access to more trades including enchanted books which may include Mending. With patience and persistence in trading with villagers, obtaining Mending in Minecraft becomes quite possible giving you an advantage over other gamers when it comes to repairing your gear without consuming resources unnecessarily.

Enchanting an Item

To enchant an item in Minecraft, players can use an enchantment table with lapis lazuli or anvil with enchanted books. However, some of the most sought-after and rarest enchantments can only be obtained through specific means. One such example is Mending, which allows equipment to repair itself using experience orbs.

To get Mending in Minecraft, players can either trade with a villager librarian or find it as treasure loot from fishing or exploring End cities. Once obtained, the player can apply the Mending enchantment to their favorite equipment piece by selecting it on the enchanting table or placing it on the anvil along with a book containing Mending.

It’s important to note that once applied, the Mending enchantment cannot be removed without using mods or cheats. So be sure to share your knowledge on how to obtain this valuable enchantment and avoid accidentally deleting it from your prized items!

Potential Drawbacks of Mending

Learning how to mend items in Minecraft can be a game-changer, as it allows you to repair your tools and armor without having to constantly remake them. However, there are some potential drawbacks that come with this ability.

One major drawback is that mending requires experience points (XP) to work. This means that if you don’t have enough XP, your item won’t mend and will eventually break. This can be frustrating if you lose your XP before being able to repair an important item, forcing you to start the process all over again.

Another potential drawback of mending is that it can sometimes delete enchantments from an item. When using the mending enchantment on a tool or piece of armor, there’s a chance for other enchantments on the item to disappear completely. This means that while you may have successfully repaired your item, it could end up being less powerful than before due to losing important enchantments.

Overall, while learning how to mend items in Minecraft is definitely worth it for its many benefits, it’s important to be aware of these potential drawbacks so that you can make informed decisions when repairing your gear.

Combining with Other Enchantments

Combining Mending with other enchantments can yield even better results for your tools and armor in Minecraft. By combining Mending with Unbreaking, for example, you’ll not only get the benefits of the former – repairing items by collecting experience orbs – but also increase their durability. This is especially useful when it comes to items that see a lot of use, like pickaxes or swords.

Another way to combine Mending with other enchantments is by using books. You can create enchanted books that contain multiple enchantments, including Mending. This allows you to add the coveted repair ability to any item you wish, without worrying about its base enchantment level or compatibility issues between different types of equipment. Of course, this requires some coding knowledge and access to an anvil and/or bookshelves in-game, so make sure you’re up for the challenge if you decide to try it out!

Adding XP Levels

Adding XP levels is crucial in enhancing the gaming experience. It allows players to track their progress and feel a sense of accomplishment as they level up. In Minecraft, adding XP levels is essential in acquiring enchantments such as Mending, which repairs tools and weapons through experience orbs collected by the player.

To gain XP levels in Minecraft, players must engage in activities that reward them with experience points. These include killing mobs, mining ores, smelting items, fishing, farming crops or breeding animals. As they accumulate more points, players can access higher enchantment levels that offer better rewards.

Acquiring Mending requires the player to have at least 12 XP levels and an item that needs repairing. By placing both items on an enchanting table together, there is a chance for the item to receive Mending as one of its enchantments. Alternatively, players can find enchanted books containing Mending in treasure chests within End Cities or villages with libraries. With enough patience and skill-building through XP leveling up strategies, gamers can achieve greater success while playing Minecraft.


In conclusion, getting mending in Minecraft is an essential part of the game. It allows players to repair their tools and weapons without having to use additional resources. By using an enchanting table or a librarian villager, players can obtain mending books that can be added to their items.

It is important for players to prioritize obtaining mending as soon as possible in the game, as it will save them a lot of resources and time in the long run. Once they have obtained a mending book, they can then attach it to any item they want to keep using and repairing.

Overall, getting mending may require some effort and patience from players. However, once they have it in their possession, it will greatly enhance their gameplay experience and make surviving in Minecraft much easier.